About Shall We Knit?

The local yarn shop is a community. It is human connection over a common passion. Knitting is wonderful, but knitting in isolation is less of a joy. We need local yarn shops to provide a gathering place, a place for inspiration, for instruction, for connection with others like us. THAT is why the atmosphere and attitude of a shop matters almost as much as the inventory. Everyone must feel welcome and comfortable, regardless of age, size, or skill level.

Shall We Knit? is located in the city of Waterloo and strives to maintain a sense of community for the knitters of the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and Stratford areas.

A bit about us

Karen is member of the Waterloo Knitter's Guild

  • Karen was the recipient of the 2009 Sally Melville Award
    • "Sally Melville helped start the K-W Knitters’ Guild in 1985 and knew that she had tapped into something powerful when 140 people showed up for the first meeting. The guild, which is the largest in Canada, “benefits from her enthusiasm and energy and in large part it bears her stamp,” said fellow knitter Debbie New. The guild’s Sally Melville Award is handed out each year to the knitter who has most inspired its members. "

Karen at the Shop

What you will find at our shop

  • Yarn (well, I hope so!)
  • Knitting Needles
  • Knitting Machines
  • Accessories