Knitwear Design Workshop

Knitwear Design Workshop

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Shirley Paden


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Vogue Knitting says Shirley Paden is, “not only one of the most knowledgeable designers and teachers in the world, but she is a master of stitch craft.” This beautiful book is a treasure trove for all knitters. Shirley’s instructions are clear and focused. She empowers knitters with the skills to design handknit clothing from scratch and to customize commercial knitting patterns.

Follow Shirley’s guidelines and you’ll not only be able to knit your own stylish, perfectly fitted clothes – you will also learn how to think like a designer. This invaluable reference book for knitters is truly timeless.

Knitwear Design Workshop walks you through Shirley’s 4-step Design Process. You’ll learn how to plan, profile, swatch, design, measure, knit, and more. The techniques are taught using schematics and worksheets that can be photocopied. Her process gives you the confidence and knowledge to:

  • Carefully plan pullovers, cardigans, dresses, and skirts
  • Prepare a meaningful gauge swatch and properly take swatch measurements
  • Take body measurements for knitwear design
  • Select fabrics
  • Work with charts for stitch patterns
  • Plan garment bodies, including dropped shoulders (rectangular shaping), reversed tapers (A-lines), double tapers (following the curves of the body), and single tapers (shaping from the hips or waist to the bust)
  • Design cardigans with rounded bottom edges and those with overlapping fronts for double-breasted pieces
  • Plan raglans and garments that need to be worked in a circular fashion

To complete your designs, there are explanations for planning different types of necklines, collars, and sleeves. This full-color knitting book also takes you through the most important blocking and seaming methods for a professional finish.

Light as air lace for summer dates. Elegant coats for traveling in style. Whatever the occasion or season, Knitwear Design Workshop includes easy-to-follow worksheets, patterns, and design inspiration for sweaters, cardigans, dresses, and skirts. With both expert and beginner knitters, Shirley’s techniques will inspire creativity...

Over the decades, Shirley has taught and lectured on various aspects of hand knitting and crochet. Knitwear Design Workshop brings to life her most popular techniques for knitters who want to design their own garments or alter commercial patterns. It’s an essential guidebook for knitters who want to master the craft of handknitting.

Knitting on another level – say experts

“Wholly comprehensive, Knitwear Design Workshop is the only book you need to break out on your own designing sweaters: different constructions, necklines, armholes, sleeve shapes, sweater shapes, and even skirts. It’s really an excellent reference book for all budding designers.” — Stewart Allen, The Yarn Lounge (Richmond, VA)

“WOW! This is the book knitters interested in design have been waiting for. They say that this book is a comprehensive guide, and they aren’t kidding! It’s a textbook on how to design knitwear for hand-knitting and it goes into every detail. The only thing missing is the author standing over your shoulder observing your progress.” — Haley Waxberg, owner: Knit-O-Matic yarn shop (Toronto Ontario)

“Why should you buy this book? In about 350 pages, Shirley explains how to design a sweater and figure out the math of how many stitches to do, so that you can make the sweater you want or modify a commercial pattern to better fit your body. She teaches you to think about your knitting as a whole construction, not row-by-row. And she creates beautiful designs.” — Pam Mackenzie, In Stitches Blog