Fibres of Life - Carry all bag

Fibres of Life - Carry all bag

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Fibers of Life

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The bag to carry all the stuff!

Dimensions: 16” x 9” (tall) x 8” (wide)


While we create fair trade products, I believe we need to create products that are not bought charitably.

No beige, no ‘do good’, no ordinary. We strive for color, whimsy and design that is as progressive and intelligent as the people who seek smart & conscious products.  From our pure materials, to our solid values & traceability, to the enduring value of our customizable and adaptable wares…’s all about EDGE and pushing for more.

Fashion can do that. Watch us all make it happen……

While my main motivation with Fibres of Life has been to be a part of an international collaboration to support social and environmental development, this project has called on myself, and those who I work with in unexpected, and often, deliciously surprising ways. Discovery #1 to 10 – No fair trade project or artisan can succeed economically or otherwise without gorgeous, unique products that inspire. We learned quickly that it’s our job to demonstrate the unquestionable value of handmade, ethically produced, quality products.