Shop Visit

Shop Visit

Shall We Knit?


30 minute Store appointment

Please make sure that you go through the WHOLE booking transaction all the way to the confirm button. Otherwise the booking hasn't gone through.

If you are coming with a friend please register for 2 people as 2 separate appointments on 2 separate transactions.

We will only be allowing 2 people in the shop at a time and will change that as we are more comfortable with it. If you haven’t booked an appointment and come to the door if no one has booked that time period, you are welcome to come in. If you are shopping and your booked half hour is up and no one is waiting you are welcome to wander longer.

Just a few things about how we will be working for a bit:

-when you arrive if the door is not locked then it usually means we don't have 2 people in the shop and you can come in. If the door is locked please knock and I will let you know how long we will be or if I can help you at the door.

-half hour visits for now

- if you are coming with a friend please register for 2 people as 2 separate appointments. If possible, please leave kids at home for now.

-hand sanitizer to be used when you come in

-masks are mandatory

-we have no public washroom

- we prefer debit or credit if possible

-curbside pickup is still available if you prefer not to come in and no appointment is necessary

 - we will hold your spot for 10 minutes after the appointment start. If someone is waiting we will let them in and you may have to wait.