Jul - Floral Pedestal Button Closures

Jul - Floral Pedestal Button Closures

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Small -1 inch diameter
Medium - 1.5 inch diameter

Stainless steel with plastic washer backing

Floral Relief Pedestal Buttons, like the rest of the screw-in buttons in this collection, are improvisational.  They require no commitment, no sewing, and no pre-planning.  Instead, they are flexible components that can transform knitted garments and accessories.  To use Pedestal Buttons, unscrew the screw on the back and remove the back disk from the shank.  Holding the front disk (on the screw mechanism shank), work the shank gently in between the stitches of your knitwear from the front.  Place the back disk of leather, smooth side out, over the screw shank on the back of the knitwear.  Screw in the backing with your fingers to secure. 

These innovative screw-in "buttons" can be used not only as substitutes for conventional buttons, they may also be used to create shaping, to attach one knitted piece to another, and to baste knitted fabric so that it stays in place semi-permanently.  Be creative!