Knitting Knee-Highs

Knitting Knee-Highs

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Barb Brown


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Take your sock knitting to new heights! If you love knee-high socks, you know there are never enough knee-high patterns to keep your needles going. Inside this book, you'll find resources to fulfill your every knee-high need. From casting on at the knee to grafting the toe stitches, Barb Brown will lead you step-by-step through creating a fabulous pair (or pairs!) of knee-high socks. Inside Knitting Knee-Highs you'll find patterns for:    • Intricate colorwork inspired by ancient tapestries and modern-day indie dyers    • Twisting and twining cables from knee to toe    • Lovely lacework that looks delicate but can stand up to the wear and tear knee-highs take    • Beautifully textured stitches inspired by beloved knitting traditions    • Warm and cozy pairs created from sport and DK weight yarns And if that's not enough to satisfy your knee-high knitting needs, Barb shares her formula for custom-knit knee-highs, as well as instructions for converting sock patterns to make knee-highs! Plus, she'll show you how to make your knee-highs fit perfectly and stay up all day long. There are even bonus instructions for each project so you can try a knee-high pattern as socks, anklets or even leg warmers. Once you dip your toe into Knitting Knee-Highs, your sock knitting will never be the same!