Painter's Pallette

Painter's Pallette

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Knits from a Painter's Palette, Author and fibre artist Maie Landra, chronicles the family business behind KOIGU WOOL DESIGNS, a remarkable Canadian wool business. Detailing how Maie’s heritage and art training led her to develop her signature hand –dyed yarns Koigu Wool Designs, located on a farm near Chatsworth, Ontario has won a devoted following for its one-of-a-kind hand painted yarns and original knitwear designs. For over ten years, Maie and her daughter Taiu have been amazing knitters worldwide with the quality and colourways of their beautiful Merino yarns. Working quietly on what their publisher describes as a "remote Ontario farm" Maie and Taiu have developed some of the most sought after yarns for the millions of new knitters caught up in this craft revival. Knits from a Painter's Palette chronicles the rich family story behind Koigu, detailing how Maie's Estonian heritage and art training led her to develop a signature style of hand dyeing and knitting yarn. The book also showcases more than 25 stunning designs using Koigu's modular knitting techniques with detailed instructions and beautiful full colour photographs taken at the farm.