Socks a la carte Colorwork

Socks a la carte Colorwork

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Raffino & Cade

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Cheer up your socks with colors galore!

Socks a la CarteColorwork adds color into the design-your-own mix by introducing stranded, slipped-stitch and striped designs for your knitted socks. Join Jonelle Raffino and Katherine Cade as they guide you through a variety of colorwork techniques, from basic stripes and slipped-stitch patterns to Fair Isle, miters and more. Mosaic tile patterns, purled and striped ridges and pirate skull borders are some of the fantastic designs you'll find—all of which can be mixed and matched using the flip pages!

Inside Socks a la Carte Colorwork, you'll find:

  • 20 cuff patterns, 20 body patterns, 7 heel patterns and 7 toe patterns. These patterns can be mixed and matched using the flip pages to create literally thousands of different socks.
  • Techniques and tips specifically geared for knitting colorwork socks. Learn how to manage your gauge, obtain the perfect fit, and keep the colorwork design from puckering.
  • A gallery of socks that will show you some of the many possible cuff, body and foot combinations.

Explore colorwork possibilities for socks with Socks a la Carte Colorwork!